I runned fast to be better than I used to be. It is out there on the road where I find myself arguing with my thoughts. Where is the finish line?

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Struggle With Greens

Why I Am Against Salads by Fargo

Here I sit devouring my strawberry and spinach mixture with Balsamic vinaigrette. Notice if you mix up the letters, the word "regret" pops in there. I don't know why I am against a salad on this particular day, but it does not tickle my fancy. 

I long for fields of mashed potatoes and gravy with a nice juicy steak. Unfortunately, that would also long to stick to my butt. And on this fitness train, that would be counterproductive. However, today I am still against salads. I think I should have been born in the Pacific, a Samoan. But then again, moo moos are not for everyone. Or are they?

It's a struggle. 

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