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Monday, March 28, 2016

It's Only 6 Inches

Have you ever put yourself on a strict food plan? I do it often. It goes in cycles. Not that I get off the train, well, I do, but I try to stay on it. Around the holidays...I might get derailed. What I find is when I eat clean, I feel good. I'm fit and happy...I can even wear a little sexy on the outside and discard tents for attire.

A not surprisingly thing happens when I stop measuring...my proportion sizes in my head seems to grow a little in the areas of carbs and proteins. I'm like..that freaking 10 oz steak is going to fit in my 4 oz measuring container, by golly. Yes sir!

Then that little sweet potato grows into the nice baker size. Before you know it...whammo! The new image sizes add up and JLo booty issues begin.

Let's get one thing straight.

I hate to measure.

I hate it, like loathe.

I don't know why, but it seems to be a bother for me. I make a big deal out of it. So what did I do to combat that? I got pre-measure plastic container thingies. I dump the food in there and close the lid...put it in the lunch bucket. I got plastic lunch bento box like devices to hold my food. They are also pre-measured. Amazon is my friend. Beachbody.com is my friend. There really is no guess work anymore.

Thank God I'm not a man. I would never be able to get it right.

I'm also training myself to go back to eating every 2 hours. I plan out my whole day in my work lunch box so when I get home...it's usually fish or chicken and rabbit food. No desserts.

I have found I cannot eat anything sugar. I'm a crack addict and if I have just one...it sends me off the Good Food Train.

As I approach 50, (*shudder*), I have to get more fit as I am finding it harder to move around and do things. Even simple reaching becomes snap, crackle, pop! Whiskey-tango-foxtrot. When did it all sneak up on me?

Oh yes, we can all look like this with a little clean eating, exercise, and Photoshop...

So what is realistic?

I was a size 2-4 in my 40s. I maintained that size by being a freak of nature workout slave. I don't want to do that anymore. I love to run (wog) and my races keep me motivated. I love to feel energized. BUTT-I'm not competing nor is it a life and death issue being a cop anymore...so I want a happy medium. Can I still look like that? ^^^^ Probably not without extreme discipline. I have a life, too. I'm active. BUTT-I want to do all and not feel I'm always only working out. 

Do I have it in me?

We shall see. Time will tell. 

Then, I will show pictures of the results. ON THE INTERNET. They will be there for all in perpetuity. 


I think I will wear more clothes, however. Sorry to disappoint. 

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