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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Food Math and Moobs

Don't let dried fruit fool you. Sure, it's great for hiking and in a pinch. BUT-it is loaded with calories and sugar. For instance, I have this package weighing 10 oz. of dried fruit goodness. One fourth cup is 110 calories and inside is 9 servings. So you put all that goodness down the poop chute, then you have 990 calories in one sitting.

Well, bull to the shit. There are NOT 9--- 1/4 cup servings in a 10 oz package of dried fruit. I don't care how you slice it, it ain't so. These people are off their rockers. I'm not sure which rock they crawled out from under but they can go right back under there and redo the math.


It's hard to get skinny as it is. I don't need people trying to trick me.

Trickery is everywhere.

Another problem I have located is that organic doesn't always mean organic. They might grow it all nice and proper and then wash it in pesticide. Remember acid rain? Yeah. It's like that. Or the pollen from the GMO crops blows on your organic field, making everything Round Up ready to eat. Or they bring in manure pooped out from cows and sheep who eat GMO feed.

We have to get some regulations all up in here. I'm not an environmentalist weirdo, but I'm all for food regulation and transparency. Enough with the FDA allowing crack (sugar) to be put into everything so we buy more. It's all a conspiracy.

Sad thing is the farmers don't get any of those kickbacks. I'm not sure other than big corporations who is getting those green backs. Maybe some of those FDA moobs or some government cheese trying to make a deal on the side.

Boy. What I wouldn't give to inspect food and keep everyone in compliance. I am sure I would need an entourage to keep me safe and I would have to pack a few extra backup guns for protection. I could be like an undercover agent for the food industry, only right out front.

Silly people.


Julia Roberts exposed all those conspiracies, why can't I make one up? It sounds kind of plausible. I'm sticking by the math bungle, though. That doesn't add up.

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