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Monday, March 7, 2016

Fat America

Sugar is crack.

It is toxic.

It's a temptational (that is a word) sin hell bent on coaxing you into the abyss. That's a lot of religion in one sentence. But- food with sugar is like marijuana laced with meth. You don't see it and once you have it...too late! You are addicted. But to what you just don't know, its just that you have to have it. It calls you from the corner, from above, from below. It's everywhere.

Now I'm not saying all sugars are bad, but we eat way too much. They put it in everything so you buy more and want more...peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, juices, bread, etc. Have you ever eaten peanut butter without sugar...yeck, pooey! Ok. Actually, I don't mind it. And no, I don't add grape jelly to supplement the loss of the sugar crack. I like peanut butter sandwiches with two ingredients-peanut butter and bread.

What the what? No jelly?

I find it odd that our food changed drastically after 1980. Remember when we were healthier? It was not all contributed to our youth. So what happened?

1. Sugar-mostly refined
2. Chemicals; additives; preservatives; artificial sweeteners; pesticides; hormones and antibiotics in meat
3. Prescription drugs
4. Barney

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Experts would also add in there that changing gut bacteria over the years has attributed to fat America. This is a result of food makeup changes and chemicals and prescription drugs, so we are still back to 1, 2, 3.

Kapeesh? It's not rocket science.

Ripley's believe it or not. That is the statement.

You may choose to take this like a grain of salt or like a boss. Is this my opinion? Yes. It is also the opinion of several doctors but I can't name any other than my family doctor. She probably wants to remain anonymous rather than be linked to me.

So what does all this mean or what am I getting at? Stop eating crack.

It means all these things change our metabolism, affects how our body reacts to chemical influences, how our body absorbs foreign substances, organ health, weight gain, etc.

I want just the food. Is that possible?

Gardening and careful shopping. That's the ticket.

There are haters and disbelievers.

What if the food industry was just trying to pickle us so we live forever? Bwahahaha!

We've all seen the shows and heard it ring out in the farm land about how the food industry is rigged and Monsanto was a part of it. For years crops got more productive, bigger, and better and weed free. But at that time we didn't know what the chemicals were doing to us.

How many farmers do you know got sued when Round Up ready crops pollinated on their fields and they had a practice of reusing [part of their seed for the next year? Their new seed had some traces of round up from the wind blowing the neighbors Round Up readiness into their fields, but alas, the farmer was supposed to then pay for the benefit to the seed companies. What a crock of shit.  It made it impossible in court for any innocent farmers to win and several lost everything. Shameful.

And then we ate it. In everything. Now we are toting organic everything else which costs more and we can't even be sure it really means pesticide or chemical free. We have to read, read, read. Research everything. Question everything.

It's a cycle of bullshit.

Lucky for me I have the Amish.

And I have a garden built in the middle of manufacturing Amercia. Like, in the soil which hath might be contaminated over years of industry. I can't win.

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